Glimmer, Lantern, Glimmer

“Martin looked up and saw a small light hovering in the air before him. He got to his feet, picked up his staff, and followed it. The light lit the ground before him, and even though he did not know where he was, he knew the light was leading him truly and that he would never stumble.”

Saint Martin’s Light, A Festival of Stones by Reg Down

Rose Rock families and friends will be gathering this Saturday to celebrate Martinmas.  This festival is named for Saint Martin from France.  Saint Martin was said to be a kind and humble fellow, known for helping people in need.  The legend of St.Martin tells of a great moment in Martin’s life when, as he served in the Roman army, he came upon a cold, half-clothed beggar lying outside the walls of Amiens. On an impulse, Martin pulled out his sword and used it to cut his own thick cloak in half, covering the beggar man with one half.

Commonly, people light lanterns in his remembrance, symbolizing how he brought warmth and light to those previously in darkness.  It seems sensible that we remember St.Martin this time of year, as the dark is becoming more prevalent day by day. The small light that we kindled at Michealmas grows ever brighter as we move into this season of gathering and giving.
Rose Rock School grew from an impulse much like Martin’s.  Out of a strong impulse to shine a joyful light for young children, one family began Rose Rock in the Purple House eight years ago.  This joyful light has been nourished and protected through the fellowship, hard work, love and devotion of countless families to now proudly stand as a burgeoning beacon in the community of Norman.

In preparation for our gathering, the children are creating these lanterns to guide them on our lantern walk.

First, we watercolor painted some 12×18″ paper.  Once dry, we cut a circle out of the center and cut a 2″ piece off the bottom.  Then we marked a horizontal line 2 1/2″ from the bottom and made several vertical cuts up to that line.  We ironed autumn leaves between waxed paper and glued it on the circle window.

lantern in progress

Next, we stapled our large paper in a cylinder form and folded the bottom flaps to glue in place for the bottom.  We added aluminum foil to the inside of the bottom to prepare it for a candle.  Next, we twizzled or fingerknit a yarn handle and stapled it into place. Our lanterns were complete with a wavy line cut from our 2″ strip and glued onto the top.  They glow beautifully at night!

Lantern 1


Here are lanterns we have made in the past two years, as well.

Mason jar lanterns, made by decoupaging tissue paper onto mason jars with Mod Podge. Last year we created these and used a layer of glitter glue on top to seal them with a bit of glimmer, and used sparkly gift wrapping wire to create our handles.

lantern 2

Two years ago we watercolor painted a large sheet of paper and folded them into these beautiful lanterns. A step-by-step tutorial can be found here at Cypress Space.

lantern 3

We will also be gathering for circle towards the beginning of our festival.  If you would like to learn some of the verses and songs for this, you may visit a back post with it here.

Warm Martinmas wishes to you!