Our curriculum is based out of the philosophies of LifeWays, which is inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education. One of the most important differences between conventional childcare facilities and Rose Rock School is that we believe young children thrive in a home-like environment. The transition from home to school for young children can often be too harsh for their unfolding consciousness, and we aim to soften this transition through consistent caregiver relationships, rhythm and routine, age-appropriate academic instruction, and ample outdoor play. A beautifully tended home and garden greet the families each day, nourishing the soul and enlivening children’s’ play. Children play freely outdoors for an hour and a half each morning and each afternoon, as weather permits. Occasionally, we take a local field trip to freely explore other outdoor environments such as farms or small zoos. Caregiver to child ratio (no more than 1-7) is kept very low regardless of the age of children, to ensure that each child receives the attentive care he or she deserves.

Every lead teacher at Rose Rock is a LifeWays graduate or on the path to certification, and we are the only LifeWays Representative Site in Oklahoma. The teachers here strive to teach and tend children with love and joy, always seeking to be a person worthy of imitation by little ones. We practice gentle discipline, and enforce boundaries calmly and consistently, which helps everyone function better. We find that once the foundations of rhythm and routine are in place, transitions go much more smoothly, and boundaries are rarely challenged.

Life at Rose Rock resembles a large family setting, rather than an institutional model. This mixed-age model strengthens the children’s’ social skills by allowing them to engage with human beings of all ages. There is typically several toddlers in our care, so that older children are able to see the very important image of caring for these little ones.  We seek out a group of volunteers, kitchen staff and faculty of all ages, including “grandmas and grandpas” to further enrich the children’s lives with unique presence and contributions of every phase of life.

At Rose Rock, life is the curriculum! Through daily life, we find the basis of the four “Living Arts:”

Domestic Arts—Children find joy in the practical and meaningful activities of daily life, laying a foundation for future academic skills, initiative and purpose.

Nurturing Arts—Your child will be nourished with natural foods, hair brushing, calming foot baths, daily outdoor time, and rest for full-day children.

Social Arts—Mixed-age groupings foster a secure relationship with the primary caregiver over time and provide the opportunity to be both a younger and older “sibling.”

Creative Arts—Imaginative play is enriched by story telling, puppet shows, artistic activities, crafts, music and singing.