Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood program is intended for children two to three-and-a-half years old, and it is mixed with our Wonder- and Kindergarten programs. Days are filled with song, laughter, and lots of play as the very young child explores his environment. These little ones are invited to play alongside older children as they watch and admire their “big” friends. Concepts like toileting proficiency, helping others, and imaginative play are strengthened in the first three years through imitation.

Consistent caregiver relationships and reliable daily rhythms allow the very young child to gain trust and confidence in exploring his surroundings. Caregivers use articulate and correct speech, which allows the child’s language capacity to develop healthfully. Bi-lingualism is appreciated among families, and shared at school so the children get a chance to experience different accompanying sounds.

IMG_9872In both classroom and yard, we create a balance of safety and freedom for these young ones to experience free and diverse movement essential to integrating primitive movement patterns and build avenues for development of higher brain functioning.

Toddlers quickly learn to use real stoneware cups at mealtimes, and are also invited to help clean the lunch table or do dishes afterwards. This early introduction to housekeeping instills in little children a sense of pride and responsibility for their surroundings, which often follows them home into their own bedrooms! We take care of what we love.