Rose Rock School Featured in LifeWays Newletter

LifeWays North America recently put out a call for submissions to their latest newsletter inviting graduates and affiliates to write about “The Many Faces of LifeWays.” In reading the newsletter, one gets a sampling of the diversity of ways in which the LifeWays training relates to life, families and children, beyond the typical child care home. We were invited to participate in the newsletter as the featured program because we currently operate as the only LifeWays affiliated child care center and home in the nation, quite possibly by any other affiliation as well. We were happy to participate and are proud to share our article with you now:

The Art of Extending Families

by Shanah Ahmadi

“A warm and hearty hello from Norman, Oklahoma! In keeping with the theme: “The Many Faces of LifeWays,” I would like to describe our childcare center, Rose Rock School. At Rose Rock, we are not a center or a home, we are both a center and a home. This means that Monday – Friday, 25 sparkly children ages 2-6, play, laugh, storm, grow, and explore at 1515 W. Main St, the address of our center. The very same address is also home to a lovely family of five–where baths are taken, Sunday pancakes are prepared, sibling squabbles are heard, and evening prayers are said. It is a dynamic, sometimes complicated, ecosystem that we have created, and a wonderful one that I would like to share with you….” (read more)