Tuition & Fees

We offer tuition assistance for families demonstrating need in the form of a sliding scale. This tuition and fee structure ensures economic viability for the school, an equitable wage for faculty, and the possibility of a quality education for most families. Please note that the values below are minimum values, and each family is encouraged to pay as much as they are able, especially if they realize income other than what is represented on their tax return. All tuition rates are monthly.

Under $30,000/yr $30,000-$70,000/yr Over $70,000
Half Day (until 12:45 pm) $404 $495 $582
Full Day (until 3 pm) $525 $631 $739
Extended Day (until 5 pm) $668 $809 $946
After School Care (3-5 pm) All incomes: $220
Kindergarten Supply Fee (Yearly) All incomes: $285
Early Childhood Supply Fee (Yearly) All incomes: $135
Enrollment Fee (One Time) $300 $350 $400