Wait List

If you are interested in your child enrolling at RRS, you have the option of joining our wait list.

The wait list is unpredictable, and openings are offered based on many different factors including sibling priority, preferred start date, length of day, and the date of application.

To be placed on the wait list,  mail the following to Rose Rock at 1515 W. Main Street:

  • Your child’s name and birth date.
  • Your name, phone number and email.
  • A preferred start date.
  • Where you first heard about RRS and whether you have attended an open house or tour.
  • A $25 wait list fee. Make checks payable to Rose Rock School.

We will notify you via email when your wait list submission has been received.

On occasion, you will also receive invitations to RRS festivals, fundraisers and other events. We appreciate your efforts to cultivate a relationship and demonstrate your commitment to the school by participating in our community events and regularly communicating with us.

When an opening becomes available for your family, you will be offered the opening for 48 hours. We ask that you confirm intent to enroll within this time frame or forfeit the offered opening to the other families on the wait list.

If you accept an offer, all enrollment forms, tuition, and fees must be submitted before your child may begin school. If an opening is offered and declined and you wish to remain on on the wait list for future openings, please let us know.