Spring Work Day

If you were to drive by 1515 W. Main St. on March 16th, 2013, not only would you have seen our beautiful white house and gorgeous green lawn, but you would have seen dozens of cars and people there, too! We are making so much progress on getting our new property ready for remodeling, thanks in large part to our local Alpha Phi Omega chapter.


A couple of weekends ago we had over 60 college aged volunteers descend on our beloved white house, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and tearing out carpet.

Our task list was enormous and we were worried about getting it done but with the help of all these volunteers, we finished by early afternoon! We are so very grateful to our friends at Alpha Phi Omega. Their volunteerism has been such a blessing for our growing school, and we continue to be impressed by their turnout at each work day. Alpha Phi Omega’s attitude toward meaningful work is one that resonates deeply in our curriculum. Seeing the big college students hard at work provides a wonderful example for our little children to imitate (and trust me, they do!) Hats off to you, Alpha Phi Omega!