This IS Yo’ Mama’s Chili Cook-Off

Last year, Rose Rock hosted it’s first Chili Cook-off as a new annual fundraiser for the school.  An unusually warm and sunny day, the event was a welcome gathering to shake off the “winter blues”, kick back and chat with friends and enjoy a tasty bowl of homemade chili. This year’s chili cook-off is being held […]

A Year of Mastery and Confidence

We recently came across an article posted to the website of the Stanford Graduate School of Education about some recent studies that give significant weight to the argument for a delayed start for kindergarten.  It’s not a new revelation that kindergarten is the new first grade.  Some veteran teachers even venture to say it’s more […]

A Ringa Singa Thank You!

If you walk by Rose Rock School in the mid-morning, you might hear one of the teachers singing softly: I’ll give you my hand Please give yours to me Ringa ringa ringa Singa singa singa The verse, though simple, serves the purpose of bringing the children together. When the children hear these familiar notes ringing […]

A Garden of Perseverance

Avid gardeners will have extensive plans under way for their gardens. Seeds will have been purchased, some even planted indoors. The ground is being cultivated, and perhaps new systems for rodent management are being put in place. A lot of work and thought has already gone into what will likely become a very lush and […]

Chilly Winds, Warm and Happy Children

About 9:30 each morning, the noise level goes up a notch or two at Rose Rock School. It means everyone is transitioning from morning snack to their next big stretch of play time. Anticipation and excitement are bubbling under the surface as the children await the glorious freedom of…. the play yard. Yes, even in […]

Glimmer, Lantern, Glimmer

“Martin looked up and saw a small light hovering in the air before him. He got to his feet, picked up his staff, and followed it. The light lit the ground before him, and even though he did not know where he was, he knew the light was leading him truly and that he would […]

Taming the Dragons at Michaelmas

As we look forward to The Great All Hallow’s Eve Rose Rocktoberfest, here’s a last peak back at our Michaelmas festival from this year. Making dragon bread… Joining together in circle… And our lighthearted Michaelmas play… Outside our window, the wind does blow. It blows through the trees as Michael rides along with his sword. Below […]

A Kindergarten Opening

***Update: Our opening has been filled. Thank you to all who recommended Rose Rock School to their friends!*** Here’s your chance, Norman! Rose Rock is saying good-bye to one of our dear children as her family embarks on a trip to Germany, and so we have an opening in the Gnomes class for a kindergartner […]